Work Place Like Home – What Does It Take to Succeed With a Home Based Business

Work Place Like Home

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“I’ve worked for others, but I’ve always dreamed of working for myself and having a work place like home. I finally realized that dream, when I started my own home-based business. I felt that anything was possible, the world was my oyster, and no matter what I set my mind to I could accomplish it. And while things have not gone perfectly, I’m proud to say that my work place like home is humming with activity.”

We’re surrounded with opportunities, look through any magazine or website concerning self – employment opportunities, and you’ll find that many are geared towards working from home, or in the case of a larger organization to have a work place like home.

Is it possible to run a business from home, either a small home or a larger home with a private office? Thousands are working from home this very moment with their very own work place like home, it’s not difficult, in fact it’s preferred by many and more answer the calls each day.

There are certain characteristics necessary to work from your home; however these are the same characteristics which can drive anyone towards success, reaching and potentially exceeding your goals. If you’re someone planning to run their own home-based business, to truly have a work place like home, you’ll need to develop a certain mindset, since you’re the boss; you’re responsible only to yourself and possibly those depending on you for survival.

While in the traditional workplace the employer determines the rules, and decides whether or not a particular employee is productive, when you have a work place like home, you’re the boss, the person who determines the hours and motivates the employees, even if there is only one employee, you.

There are certain personal characteristics and work habits that you must integrate into your daily life, and while these same characteristics can help you excel in the traditional office environment, they are vital for your success in a home-based business. This holds true whether it is simply you, your family, or several people under your employ.

 DISCIPLINE: if there is no one to tell you to get out of bed in the morning, will you do so anyway? Remember there is no time clock to punch or boss waiting to mark you tardy. Self discipline is crucial.

THE BIG PICTURE: having a work place like home means you must see and keep their eyes on the big picture; to set a goal then not let problems stop you from reaching it. It’s easy to shy away from issues when there is no responsible party except yourself. Do you have the potential to put (and keep) your nose to the grindstone; moving forward no matter the difficulties? If you can keep your eyes on the big picture, then no matter the problem or tribulations, you can continue to move towards your goal.

JUST SAY NO: while that expression is easy to verbalize, can you actually stick to it saying no to family and friends when they stop by to say hi? Even though you have a work place like home, if you wish to be successful you must treat this area like a business. If you work in a traditional office, family and friends are unlikely to drop in unexpectedly; and while it might be difficult, you must enforce the “just say no “policy.

WHEN TO SAY YES: and just as you can say no, you also have the ability to say yes, to take an hour or even a day off, to play with your kids, take a vacation, visit that sick relative, to have a life outside the office. When you set your own hours, when you’re your own boss, you have the ability to dictate the schedule, just make certain the job gets done.

THINKING FORWARD: one trait of any successful entrepreneur is the ability to see beyond the horizon; then work to arrive at your destination. When working from home it’s easy to be cut off from everything happening outside your confines; make certain to stay informed, but always keep your eye on the goal.

ENERGY: stay physically fit, stop smoking, take a deep breath, and get out of your chair and move. Many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs spend hours staring at their computer monitor, myself included. It’s easy to lose site and watch the morning turn into night, without even once rising from your office chair. If you want to have and enjoy a work place like home, set a schedule then stick with it, ensuring that exercise and movement is embodied within that schedule.

ENTHUSIASM: believe in yourself, and know that you have the skills, brain power, and common sense to reach for and achieve success.

When you choose to have a workplace like home, you’re making a decision that can influence the rest of your life, make it wisely, but once you make it, stick with it.


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